If you've been job hunting for months and still struggling to get your foot in the door, it may be time to revamp your search efforts. The same  idea applies if you've been working at a job for months that you find unfulfilling. While job hunting can be physically and emotionally taxing, as well as very time consuming, falling into a routine might only slow down your potential progress. That is to say, sending out uniform resumes can easily become the equivalent of beating your head into a brick wall. Instead, reinvigorate your hunt with a new approach. Here are four tips for revamping your job search:

Identify what's not working
If you have a surefire system that you've been using for months, but no one has called you back for an interview, the simple reality is something isn't working. Whether it's the way you've structured your resume or how you are addressing your cover letters, something is deterring you from finding a new job. It's important that you constantly update and rework your resume and portfolio to make it contemporary and relevant. Moreover, if the way you're applying to jobs and networking are proving unfruitful, it's imperative that you acknowledge it's time to make a change. This can be difficult for many job seekers, especially considering how easy it is to fall behind excuses. However, if you've grown comfortable in your job search, that might be a big sign that it's necessary to alter it. 

Learn about other jobs 
If you went to school in hopes of attaining a specific job role, it might be hard to convince yourself to expand your search. But you never know when another position might be right up your alley. Talk to friends and acquaintances about their careers and learn as much as you can about other job roles in your industry or a related one. There might be opportunities out there for which you're a perfect fit that you've never considered. There might simply not be many jobs in the field that you are applying, and in that case, it's important to be able to refocus on what's available. 

Consider your dream job
Don't sell yourself short. It's easy to make compromises when you're job hunting in order to get to work. However, if you're taking a job just for the sake of having one, remember that it might not be the best fit for you in the long-term. It's important to consider what the job of your dreams would be and then take into account what qualities, challenges and perks that position holds. That way you can move throughout your career working toward that ultimate goal, rather than getting caught in a slump of bouncing from one job to the next. 

Get creative 
If the classic application process is proving ineffective it might be time to consider creative alternatives. Find unique and interesting means of contacting potential employers and setting up an interview. This might mean taking a different approach than simply sending a resume and cover letter. One great way to do this is by demonstrating what you could bring to a company by sending them work examples or a plan of action. Once an employer sees what your are capable of accomplishing, they'll be more apt to hire you. 

Throughout your entire job search, it's most important not to get stuck in a rut or lose energy. If you allow yourself to stagnate, odds are the quality of your applications will suffer and employers will take notice. Remain positive and constantly revamp your job search to keep things fresh.