If you're trying to find a new job the Internet seems like a logical place to begin. After all, the world wide web is loaded with job boards and company websites, making it easy to fall down the rabbit hole of sending out resumes en masse, squandering away hours hitting send. In some ways, this is a logical human instinct. More sent resumes will lead to more potential phone calls leading to more interviews and then a job offer. However, odds are a significant percentage of your applications get skimmed over if read at all. More so, there are probably hundreds of other applications who have applied to the same position, making it hard for you to stand out in the crowd. At the end of the day, the Internet is an important resource, but should not be your sole line of attack. 

Use your network 
When you're looking for a job, consider who you know that can help you in your search. Look to family, friends, colleagues, former classmates and other acquaintances for an in. If you find your dream job browsing the Internet, ask yourself if you have any connections to the company. Do you have a friend or family member that works there? Do you have any LinkedIn connections that have worked there previously? Before just sending in a resume willy-nilly, look at the company website. Is the company hosting an event in the near future? If so, attending might be a perfect opportunity to make a connection and score an interview. 

Attend professional events 
Meeting people in a face-to-face setting is incredibly important when looking for a job. If you sit in front of a computer screen all day filling out applications, you're potentially missing out on opportunities to interact with potential employers. Moreover, isolating yourself during your hunt may dull your social skills and make it challenging to talk with peers and higher ups. Attend professional events such as career fairs regularly to make in person connections and make an impression. Invest in business cards so you have a physical document to give to hiring managers. This will have a lasting impact and encourage name recognition. Request informational interviews for a chance to meet with recruiters and hiring managers one-on-one. Overall, pushing yourself to expand your job search from a computer screen to the real world will help you seek employment more holistically.