When the end of the year is nearing, it's easy to decide to put your job search on hold, especially if you've been hunting for months on end. Sure the holidays are a good time to take a break and recharge your batteries, but they are also a fantastic time to look for a job. While this idea may seem counterintuitive, consider that many recruiters and hiring managers will likely not be traveling during this time and also may need to fill vacancies before the end of the year. Of course, it's also important to take some time to enjoy family festivities and relax, but save your break for the last few days of the year when most people are already out of the office. In the meantime, end the year strong by revamping your job search. Here are five reasons why:

1. Less competition 
Many job seekers put their search on pause during the last few weeks of the year, which means that you'll ideally be facing off against less competition. Moreover, this also means that recruiters and hiring managers will potentially be able to spend more time parsing your resume and cover letter. The fact is that online applications have in some ways made the job market increasingly competitive. Submission management systems make it possible for those hiring to sift through dozens if not hundreds of resumes and seek out the most qualified candidates. What's more, since anyone can access a company's website and search through job openings, there may be more applicants who become aware of the position and apply. 

2. Use holiday events to network 
A lot of social outings come along with the holiday season, making perfect opportunities to catch up with colleagues and network. While you don't want to promote yourself obnoxiously, don't be afraid to use these occasions to meet new people and talk about your industry. In many cases, your job hunt may even come up naturally in conversation.

3. Employers need to fill vacancies 
Most companies want to start the new year with a full head of steam. When employees come back from restful holidays, a company may have a lot it hopes to accomplish in the new year. To do so, hiring managers may need to fill vacancies before the the fourth quarter comes to a close. That way when the first quarter of the following year comes around, employers already have someone in place to take on a vacancy. In some cases, hiring managers may need to bring on someone before the year ends because the position has been open for months or to stay in accordance with the year's budget. 

4. It's easy to reconnect 
The holidays are a good time to reconnect with acquaintances from college, old colleagues and other various professionals. Sending a holiday card or email to get back in touch with these individuals may prove helpful in strengthening your network. Again, remember not to be overly solicitous.

5. There's time to catch up on social media 
When you're sitting around at home trying to avoid the cold, take the time to update and clean up your social media accounts. Similar to the way you would spring clean your home or apartment, consider going through your various profiles and removing any questionable content that may have accumulated throughout the year. Spend some time updating your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms that employers may screen when considering you for a position. Also, take a look at your overall online presence, and try and promote your positive content across the Internet.