Listing your professional experience into an aesthetically pleasing resume can be a daunting task. Of course, there's always LinkedIn, but  the site is more of personal profile and social network than a genuine resume. When it comes time to job hop, you'll want something a little more concrete. Luckily, there are numerous resume building applications out there to help you get started. A resume app is a great way to create a professional document showcasing your accomplishments and skills. However, bear in mind that you should not only take measures to make your resume esoteric, but also cater this document around each position to which you apply. Essentially, you should always have a basic resume highlighting your achievements, but you'll need to individualize it when applying for specific jobs. Use resume apps for the former, and then personalize your well-edited document before seeking out a new job. 

Career Igniter Resume Builder
This Android app is a great platform for first-time resume writers. The app is available on tablets and smartphones, making it easy to work on your resume on the go. Moreover, since you can save your document to your mobile device, it's relatively simple to pull up and share at a moment's notice. Career Igniter makes it easy to transfer your resume to Microsoft Word format or email it to yourself. Furthermore, this resume builder has a number of templates for professionals of different experience levels and backgrounds, including specific templates for military veterans and federal employees. The only major setback of this program is that you must follow the template, but this is easily fixed by transferring your resume to MS Word. Personalize your basic resume in MS Word to make it more distinct. 

Resume Builder
This is another excellent program for those looking to jump into their first real job. Resume Builder is a Windows desktop application that makes resume building a breeze. The program prompts you to fill in pertinent information and then formats it into a basic resume. Similar to Career Igniter, Resume Builder's main downfall is a lack of room for personalization. But if you just need something that looks professionally formatted, Resume Builder is the ticket. After you fill everything out, your resume can be exported as an MS Word document. This then gives you room to individualize your document. 

Resume Genius
Resume Genius is also a good resource for first-time job seekers. A major advantage of this application is that it offers up thousands of keywords and professional phrases. This will allow those new to the job search with a good base of buzzwords and industry-specific language to begin creating a strong resume. Resume Genius also has templates that can be easily exported as PDFs or docs. The website also has dozens of example resumes to use as a reference guide. 

VisualCV is a little more complicated than the previous apps on this list. This application creates a digital resume that is much more expansive than a plain document. You can create and manage multiple resumes directly on the website, adding numerous medias and links as desired. This gives job seekers the ability to integrate links to published works in their resume documents. VisualCV also works to optimize your Google search, so when a potential employer browses your name, your professional credentials are at the top. In this way, VisualCV allows users to create a multimedia resume that not only looks professional, but provides employers directly with work samples and other deliverables. 

After you've crafted a perfect resume, you'll be ready to start job hunting confidently.