While you may be able to easily prepare for common interview questions, sometimes an interviewer will ask you something you simply won't see coming. This may seem like nothing more than an attempt to throw you off your game, but there's usually some logic behind these inquiries. Though you may not be able to plan out an answer for this type of question, you can still answer articulately in a way that will impress potential employers. Here are three examples of odd questions interviewers may ask you and the reasons they  may be asking them:

1. Why is a tennis ball fuzzy? 
Asking this type of question allows an employer to learn a couple things about you. First, it serves as an opportunity to see how you react on the fly. Most positions require flexibility and adaptability, especially in high-pressure situations. Consider this type of question a chance to show off your problem-solving and improvisation skills. Moreover, if you come up with several probable answers to this type of question, it shows interviewers that you have the ability to logically approach a problem. 

2. If you could have any superpower what would it be? 
This question is a bit more lighthearted. An interviewer may ask an inquiry such as this so he or she can gauge what kind of personality you have. Not only does this type of question give you an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity, but also provides an opening to tell interviewers more about yourself. When addressing questions such as this, don't feel inhibited, rather answer honestly and explain why you would opt for a specific choice. 

3. How many snow shovels were sold in the US last year? 
Similar to the tennis ball question, asking this type of inquiry gives you a chance to demonstrate your problem-solving skills. While it may seem like a good idea just to take a random guess, instead take your time and talk through the problem. Explain your thought process to the interviewer so he or she can see that you're taking the time to think it through and work out the details. 

Anytime you are asked a question that might be challenging or unorthodox, take the time to answer it thoughtfully. This will prove to interviewers that you will approach tasks with intelligence and dedication.